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Dear Prospective Families,

Welcome to Bishop Larkin Catholic School. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect educational home for your child, we invite you to explore all that our school has to offer, both through our website and in person. 

At Bishop Larkin, our unwavering commitment is to place children at the forefront of everything we do. Stepping onto our campus, you'll immediately sense the warmth and care that permeates our halls. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, nurturing, and faith-centered environment where each child is cherished and supported by our dedicated staff, creating a close-knit, family-like community.

Central to our mission is instilling in our students a deep understanding of God's love and their own unique identity. Here, they learn not only academic excellence but also the values of compassion, service, and leadership, rooted in Catholic tradition.

Our esteemed faculty is dedicated to delivering top-notch instruction, working in partnership with parents to ensure every student reaches their full potential. As both the principal and a parent, it is truly a blessing to witness firsthand the transformative power of our school's commitment to academic excellence and spiritual growth.

We warmly invite you to experience Bishop Larkin Catholic School firsthand. Come and see for yourself what makes our community so special—a place where children thrive, learn, and grow in faith, guided by the light of God's love.

Warm regards,
Mrs. Stacy Cervone, Principal


1.  Bishop Larkin Catholic School believes that each student is a unique child of God, whose spiritual growth is nourished through prayer, liturgies, and celebrations of the sacraments.

2.  We believe that our parents, pastors, principal, teachers, students, and parishes all share responsibility for the mission of the school.

3.  We believe that  ongoing evaluations and improvements to the curriculum promote the religious and academic education of the whole child.

4.  We believe that through respect, communication, and hands-on activities, Bishop Larkin Catholic School provides a safe and nurturing learning environment.


5. We believe that students should be  challenged to demonstrate an understanding of knowledge and skills across the curriculum for their continued education and future development.


5. We believe that through character development and participation in community and global service projects, students respond to the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ, preparing them for their future roles as faith-filled Christian citizens.    


Act Justly, love tenderly, walk humbly"

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